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  • Raybandana0

    One more question:

    You can clearly see the polygons and edges in the file I'm working with. The 3D printer said those edges/polygons would be printed and it wouldn't be smooth. Is this just a rendering setting to make it smooth? Or does it have to be re-drawn to make it a smooth disc shape? See below thanks,

    • You can change the Phong / smoothing angle of the polygons. Lower the number the sharper the visible edges, too high and it looks 'balloony'face_melter
    • Or there's a Smoothing modifier - can't recall, it's been a dog's age since I last used C4D.face_melter
    • okay great, so its more just an option inside the program than having to redraw it a certain way. I fiddle around, thanks so much.Raybandana
    • Yeah, C4D has a few options that allow you to remedy this type of thing. One other way is to Subdivide and increase the polygons...face_melter
    • ...but that will make the model heavier and may cause problems with the 3D printing.face_melter
    • ahh i see, thanks face melterRaybandana

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