US Inauguration 2021 Predictions

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  • colin_s2

    honestly think the capitol riot was the big moment, not a lead-up to anything.

    it did enough damage - has sewn enough discontent among both of the major parties, will continue to act as a nuisance and an asset for both as well (the democrats will use this as their 9/11 to get new fear-based policies through, also use it as an excuse to not do anything else, GOP will be able to use it as a gun to point at the liberals and say "don't you dare")

    biden will be sworn in, things will get marginally enough back to normal for just enough of the population to leave behind the rest, and the united states will hobble toward the end of its reign

    • i do believe there is a chance for small acts of violence, likely trump people vs antifa, but absolutely nothing involving what could be state securitycolin_s
    • Sincerely hope you are right.ben_
    • I don't know if I'd feel confident making that prediction in a country that regularly has mass shootings.yuekit
    • Remember the Las Vegas shooting that killed 60 people and wounded 400? That was just one crazy guy with a bunch of guns.yuekit
    • @yuekit - maybe a few trump supporters open firing on antifa, and then having a brief gun battle with the state, but i don't see any battlefield-type scenariocolin_s
    • i guess that's what i mean: minor violence between factions i can see, maybe, briefly, before the state stops it all. an uprising against the state? i don't seecolin_s
    • They definitely don't have the support for a full-scale uprising. I could see something like Waco or Oklahoma City bombing, let's hope not though.yuekit

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