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  • trooperbill3

    @nb heres what id do.

    1. competitor research. use semrush or another tool to find what competitor blogs have in them and their ranking

    2. fresh keyword research. look for questions to answer

    3. have a catchy headline, but a different optimised title tag

    4. look at what ranks for your chosen topic in the top 10 ranked positions and copy down the sub headings and use those to build out your own content.

    5. cite your sources. link to non competing sources of any facts and figures to back up your claims

    6. deep link internally. make sure you link to commercial content

    7.dont compete with commercial topics that rank commercial pages

    8 look at micro formats. can you build out faq schema etc that can help you hold more space in the serp.

    9. get links to your content. both from internal pages you control (bot commercial content) and ask your outreach team to pop a few links into key pages

    10. revise. once content has bedded in (3 months) take a look at its performance in search console. you'll see queries that you can integrate into the content to improve rankings and also quick wins for title tag re-optimisation

    • oh forgot to add. low syllable count, and short sentences. use a tool like hemmingwayapptrooperbill
    • THANKSnb

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