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  • grafician-2

    Big Sur Microsoft version looks good

    • if only it worked properly with Apple.utopian
    • Please observe how after 20 years Microsoft decided to innovate > copy Apple > have a Windows dock!grafician
    • Wouldn’t this just be a centered task bar and start menu?monospaced
    • Are you talking about the bar that's been at the bottom of every windows version since 1994?zarkonite
    • no, talking about the centered thingy like mono saidgrafician
    • I don't care where they are as long as they don't do that "boooing" thing Macs do, nothing worse than that!formed
    • what is that screenshot? Windows 12 ??Bennn
    • @benn: It's some made up design by whoever on the internets.zarkonite
    • @graf: that's just what it looks like right now minus the center align.zarkonite
    • they have a dock!
      innovation never sleeps
    • Bottom edge dock is stupid anyway. I always use left edge so I can keep more vertical screen real estate.monospaced
    • Anything looks clean when you dont have any programs installed.GuyFawkes
    • Windows had a dock for over 20 years. It's called a taskbar.jagara
    • left align is a taskbar, center align is a dock. discussgrafician
    • It's Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Win10face_melter
    • ^ good catch!zarkonite

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