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  • misterhow3

    My new M1 Mini is brilliant. 16GB but super fast. It replaced my 2012 i7 MBP with 16GB. I can't believe the speed.

    My only issue so far is that I can't print to our large format Epson but Epson says they're on it. Oh, and Muse won't even open. I know that many of you hated Muse but it was my friend for many years.

    M1. Check plus in my book.

    • I thought Muse was discontinued awhile back.monospaced
    • Good to know! Thanks for postingGnash
    • I may buy one in a month or sodkoblesky
    • man I wish they release the 16 inch MBP soon with these chips, mine is up for renewalernexbcn
    • ^ agreed, but I need o new machine now!Gnash
    • M1 Macbook Pro is pretty fast too, went the 16gb ram also. When Adobe get on board it could be really good.slappy

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