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  • Krassy2

    Tesla Would Take Nearly 1,600 Years To Make The Amount Of Money The Stock Market Has Put Into It


    • But if it becomes ten times bigger, it'll only take 160 years, durr.Nairn
    • why stop at 10 times? go 1000 times bigger, and it'll take just about a year and a halfKrassy
    • It's called capitalism, LOLutopian
    • Hom many years for Bitcoin?_niko
    • ^ we should ask Bennn to BennnsplainKrassy
    • LOL, people didn't "pay" anything. Most shareholders just saw their stocks go up for free.zarkonite
    • The stock they paid for. The business they supported which they knew would be successful.monospaced
    • Unless... TIME MACHINE!maquito
    • @mono: the article says it would tak 1600 years to pay back 800 billions as if that much money had been spent to begin with. It's dumb clickbait.zarkonite
    • While we're at it, why don't they write about how long it would take GM to payback the 126 billions they actually owe? that's a real story.zarkonite

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