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  • Bennn7

    • ouch :Dsted
    • Lol. HP Sauce is as wild as it getsPhanLo
    • “Nah, we’re good”

      *boils dessert*
    • The spices were to give to the Dutch in exchange for America. Stupid colonies. Have a mince pie.MrT
    • I spent half a day shop hopping to find a bottle of this. Apparently worcester is not that popular in the uk, or so I was told.…cherub
    • Eventually my missus weaned me off the worcester and got me to like that malt stuff. So I doused my chips in malt instead.cherub
    • I'm always on the lookout for L&P in Oz, usually in the foreigners' aisle. Most UK chippy vinegar is 'non-brewed condiment'. Get a bottle of proper stuff!MrT
    • @cherub: that's total bollocks. you can find worcestershire sauce in supermarkets everywhere. an essential ingredient.hans_glib
    • and hp sauce, branston pickle, piccallili etc (and mince pies) need a tons of spice, so ner.hans_glib
    • Never get high on your own supplymilfhunter
    • also. as a seafarer and island nation, all they could come up with is deep fried battered fish with chips and vinegar ? look at japan ffsd_gitale
    • Out of interest, what's Canada's contribution to culinary extravagance - cheese curd and gravy on chips?Nairn
    • I spend a month or so in Italy each year - food's great, if you like Italian. If you don't, well, you're stuffed, because that's all you're getting.Nairn
    • The UK flattens India, rapes the land and subjugates the populace and the best they can come up with is Coronation Chicken.face_melter
    • @face, which did evolve into baltis and chicken tikka masala to be fair so wasn't all bad (joke).fadein11
    • Haggis is kind of spicy.PhanLo
    • The descendants from the idiots of the past empire, are the upper class of the UK today, in the houses of Lords and Parliament, hence the continued fucking up.shapesalad
    • @fade - but also, we have some of the best Indian food in the world. Even our average stuff from the local takeaway is more interesting than most countries haveNairn
    • I'd say beyond Tikka Massala, pseudo-Balti and coronation fucking chicken, the one thing 'we've' added to the world is BIR Gravy. Total cultural osmosisNairn
    • My Italian in-laws make a 'curry' that is literally just curry powder, cream and some [in my opinion] underdone onions. It's OK. What we had in the early 70s.Nairn
    • oh nairn, I'm from B'ham, I know. I ate more curry growing up than English food (well not quite). I gave to simple examples, although baltis are fantastic herefadein11
    • also in the right place.fadein11
    • *twofadein11
    • I guess my point was both dishes were invented by Indian immigrants here, they don't exist in india.fadein11
    • (or Pakistani, Kashmari etc. if people get technical)fadein11
    • God it's late, I am finally finishing work, hope any of that that made sense, knackered :)fadein11
    • *correction - balti did not originate here, I've been lied to my whole life.fadein11

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