Vaping CBD?

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    Try weed.

    • I have. Amplifies the anxiety. Not for me.jagara
    • Hrm, Indica-strains with higher THC balances won't be great for anxiety though, if quelling it is the aim.
      'Try moroccan hashish' I'd suggest.
    • jagara - if you'd care to try again, I'd suggest having the CBD vape prior and post smoking a bit of weed.Nairn
    • Yes, various strains. Pot. Hash. Nah...jagara
    • I am not trying to get high, I'm trying to relax.jagara
    • The trick is not to think about what it's doing too much, which anxiety makes tricky, I appreciate. Have you tried CBD chocolate?Nairn
    • No to the chocolate.jagara
    • I see. I have heard mixed results on CBD with some people claiming total snake oil. Weed is guaranteed CBD plus bonus THC :) best of luck!monospaced
    • I wish I had advice for anxiety. You must be dealing with some pretty big issues. I hope to goodness you can overcome them and find peace.monospaced
    • Not all cannabis contains CBDscarabin
    • I was not aware of that.monospaced

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