Vaping CBD?

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  • Nairn1

    Let it loll around your mouth, especially under your tongue to encourage sublingual absorption, perhaps?

    • Also works for semen - get pregnant faster!
    • lolsted
    • I know. Still, weak or no effect. And yes, used it daily for weeks.jagara
    • You will build up a tolerance, and given CBD on its own is inherently not strong, you might benefit from a break. Also, perhaps try another brand?Nairn
    • I have a friend who sells CBD and he tells me there's a lot of shit on the market.Nairn
    • Well, I could try another brand. But a tiny-ass bottle costs me 1200 DKK (200 USD). So trying various brands is not exactly cheap...jagara
    • Jesus, that's a lot! I'd not pay more than £50 for a bottle, if I were buying.
      FYI This is my friend's business..
    • @nairn is your mate's product kosher? i'm curious to try cbd for shoulder pain, but have zero trust in any product out there.hans_glib
    • If it isn't I'll get him to refund you your investment. But yes - they take it very seriously (my old shroom crew, essentially).Nairn
    • I'd assume that whatever holland & barrett, etc, sell, must comply with basic standards though? Ordering over the internet's a different story.Nairn
    • i figured h&b shit would be generic and fairly useless, like most of the rubbish they sellhans_glib
    • Is it? I don't use them much, but for the few things I have, they've not done me wrong. What have you had from them that's been shit?Nairn
    • I do know that the St. John's Wort and some other chemical thing they sold, when they were allowed, worked a fucking charm.
      That was a long time ago though.
    • I use this brand, it seems very legit:…jagara

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