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    1. Know your topic REALLY WELL. Go over it a bunch of times so that you have the details down cold, and more than you need. You are speaking I presume because you know something about something.

    2. Create several bullets of general points you want to cover on a piece of paper in front of you...NOT ALL THE DETAILS....because you know all those from #1

    3. Just talk about it. DO NOT read anything, THIS WILL MAKE IT SUCK, Just talk about it.

    4. Like grafician says, just pretend like you are talking to a friend....relaxed, passionate, funny....however you are as a person at a table with 2 -3 other people.

    • yeah i think preparation is a big thing, another thing is practice, I tend to avoid public speaking so I don't do enough of it and when I do I'm unprepared_niko
    • so I wonder if most great public speakers make it look so easy because of all the prep-work before hand, I see them and think they're so natural and I suck_niko
    • when really it's just that they work at it._niko

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