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    We're rounding the corner...More than 205,000 new cases were reported Friday.

    • Canada's had 360k cases total since this began.i_monk
    • ^ losersGuyFawkes
    • WE WIN!GuyFawkes
    • Canada has 1/10th the population, very spread out. Canada should not be boasting. The situation there isn’t good now.nb
    • No vaccine production in Canada at all. Canada hopes to have 50% of citizens vaccinated by Sept 2021. Pretty bad for a supposed leader of the world.nb
    • Yeah. By percentages Canada is actually pretty pathetic in its response and how widespread it is. Definitely should not be boasting.monospaced
    • Half the pop lives in 3 cities, hardly 'spread out', and given we don't have 1/10th the cases for 1/10th the pop, yeah, our approach is better than yours.i_monk
    • And we can thank the conservatives, imitating American Republicans, for destroying our ability to produce vaccinesi_monk
    • Lol ok, I agree Canada is doing better than the US. If that’s the standard Canada wants to go by... lolnb
    • We're doing *much* better, thanks.i_monk
    • Also nowhere near half the population lives in three cities...? Even IF you count the metro areas (which are super sprawling, in some cases considered rural)nb
    • Also Canada was probably the last country on earth to get hit by this. They had the most time to prepare and the best understanding of how to prepare.nb
    • I’m just salty because I have a ton of family and friends in Canada and I can not believe how they fucked up their covid response.nb
    • Both Canada and the US had their first cases in January.i_monk
    • I didn't say we're handling it like South Korea or anything, but our response is literally orders of magnitude better than yours.i_monk

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