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  • yuekit3

    • "FIELD", "SKY".
      This is how it's done!
    • I think he’s being overly sarcastic in this one?NBQ00
    • Nah, this one's fake.Continuity
    • Garrison wouldn't know how to be sarcastic even if you paid him substantial sums of money to be so.Continuity
    • They are both fake.
      It's funny how everything needs to pointed out. Both for his public and the QBN public.
    • Anyone found the hidden penis yet?pango
    • Glovenb
    • oh bobomonospaced
    • I think a Bennnsplanation is needed.
      This is funny because it uses BG's name and style for a message that goes against what he stands for.
    • It's like posting a Jeff Tiedrich tweet praising Trump.
      Hope that helps.
    • Why is it called a football? It’s not ball and neither is it kicked.Chimp
    • Asking the though questions.
      It is a ball and it is kicked.
    • I thought maybe he was overly sarcastic because it features communism, Marx, LGBTQ & BLM all in one over the top.NBQ00
    • He's too short-sighted for that type of reasoning.palimpsest

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