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    Question about the Mac mini with the m1 chip, my sons asking for a gaming pc and for an i5 16g of ram and a xforce video card of some sort it will be slightly more expensive than the new Mac mini but from what I’ve read the m1 is 6x faster than the i5

    So my question is can you do gaming on the Mac mini? Mostly for Minecraft and fortnite.

    • Why not a Switch? It does both games great and is less than half price.monospaced
    • We have it, not sure why he asked for a gaming pc other than his friends use it to play and they have an advantage over him because of frame rate and controls_niko
    • But yeah probably unnecessary either way I’ll dig some more as to the why_niko
    • I don’t think I would recommend a mini M1 as a gaming computer.monospaced
    • For under $800 US there’s nothing that comes close I think 4K at 130fps is insane…_niko
    • if it's for gaming with his friends, I wouldn't recommend a Mac. Even though fortnite and Minecraft will play excellent on an m1 chip.inteliboy
    • get an old crt monitor...the low res and high refresh rates seem to work like magic. youtube search 'crt gaming'.uan
    • it's not just the fps, it's also the monitor refresh rate. i play csgo and since building my Cyberpunk rig have gained a major competitive advantageSteveJobs
    • to those with potato pc's. also, cpu doesn't matter that much with gaming. you need a dedicated gpu. gaming pc's are pretty cheap to build these days actually.SteveJobs
    • And no, you can't game with the mac mini nor on any apple display device. even the ultra-expensive pro display only goes up to 60hz.SteveJobs
    • When Apple makes a more powerful chip it will negate any need for a dedicated GPU. That’s kinda the point. No doubt it will be reserved for the pro machines.monospaced

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