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  • Wolfboy3

    Seth’s Dominion.

    The cartoonist, Seth, has been building a model city for years - Dominion. He’s also writing about it, giving it a history and a reality of its own. It’s not a hyper-real model, like most of the others posted in this thread; but I love the way it is such a great 3D representation of his art. It looks like you’re peering into his comics.

    Here’s a nice little article:…

    • Man, that's so nice. Love the little shop logos.PhanLo
    • What would be super-cool, is if he did a graphic novel with this, that's photographic, not drawn. Arranging the city to suit the scene's needs ...Continuity
    • ... and shooting each panel.Continuity
    • I remember him from art schoolGnash

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