Is Flash dead?

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    To some extent, those of us who are nostalgic for the Flash days are looking at it in a good light. We're looking at the creativity, the fun, the possibilities and all the great work that came out of it.

    We're ignoring all the mind-numbing bullshit and browser-crushing ad garbage that came along with it. The endless "this website has a script that is causing your computer..." or whatever. The beachball of death because of an embedded ad on a myspace page.

    For me, some days I look at the web and hate what it's become. We replaced our world of bloated Flash (that at least allowed creativity) with bloated front-end frameworks (that were designed specifically to save money by reducing creativity.)

    We're lazy, and we're letting fucking software engineers dictate culture.

    • (Almost) everything is a generic, scrolling pile of images and text all made for a phone. It's damn boring.formed
    • I went to siteinpire and clicked on 10 websites - all the same, all boring and ugly on a computer. Sad.formed
    • Jobs did a marvelous job of killing it, but alas, I do own Apple stock and, from a biz perspective, it was brilliant.formed
    • I think we are seeing the end. With the exception of massive sites, Wix, etc., will kill the small/med firms.formed
    • AI will kill it all. It'll be here in 5 years. Check out what openAI are doing with text to code to site.shapesalad
    • I don't miss Flash. Shit animation tools. Was happy to go back to AEdkoblesky
    • A lot of creative work came out of that era but you have to ask what was the return on investment on all of those Flash sites? Did anyone visit them more thanyuekit
    • once? People use the web to get stuff done, if they want an immersive experience there are other mediums that are better for that.yuekit
    • For a time a lot of artists had a wonderful (somewhat) code free interactive playground...easily distributed to lots of people....that does not exist anymoredkoblesky
    • Art vs money. A classic debate. Money wins the battles but in the long run, art wins the war.nb
    • I never got the dis on Flash, it was awesome! I think the hate was from jelly devs. Long live the flash intro!atomholc
    • Html5 can do most of what Flash did except the comic-style vector animations and characters that nobody really wants to see any longer.NBQ00
    • In the end the internet has become mostly about simplicity, minimalism, clean navigation to focus on the content. I don’t want goofy intros anymore on websites.NBQ00
    • And Joshua Davis can go fuck himself.NBQ00
    • Agree with post and that this trancends Flash; HTML/CSS/JS sites can do open + performant creative things, but the market has pushed to templated CMSs.evilpeacock
    • https://www.samuelda… petty similar to old flash sites, except you grind your scroll wheel..shapesalad
    • I made more money in the early 2000's building Flash based website than in the past few years building HTML/CSS/JS sites. Fuck you Apple.utopian
    • I look back on things like and what Hi-Res was doing with sites and can see what some of you are saying. There's still tools to get that type of workben_
    • done, but there seems to be way fewer risks being taken these days.ben_
    • fwiw I don't even remember if was flash, but that spirit is the thing I'm referring to.ben_
    • https://www.albinobl…cherub
    • The internet is boring now. The way people like it. Stripping your data in a soul-less uni-style. Folk love it though.
      Never underestimate people love of boring
    • Hi-Res was doing some inspiring stuff. With mobile driving everything these days, it's all but killed web design, imho.formed

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