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  • Chimp25

    Just finished the branding for a new coffee and wine store in Madrid.

    • Branding e interiores? El sitio ha quedado guapo!!OBBTKN
    • Hice el brand y luego trabaje con una diseñadora de interior.Chimp
    • ¡Que bien!misterhow
    • Beautifulben_
    • Wonderful stuff.Continuity
    • Nice!Gnash
    • great! did you work on the packaging as well?milfhunter
    • They sell coffee from La Noria Coffee Project which I did. https://bridgestudio…Chimp
    • Coldi_was
    • Yo, I know that fontbabydick
    • Ole!maquito
    • Nice stuff, love that PASTORA typeBaskerviIle
    • Yeah I really love it. https://www.goodtype…Chimp
    • Really missed the small & simple.helloeatbreathedrive
    • nice!Calderone2000
    • Thanks, can I move in?Longcopylover
    • Beautiful.
      I want to know more about how you commissioned/made the signage.
    • /\ We did something similar for a client a long time ago, where we hand painted lettering on the bottom of milkglass bakeware. Light comes through amazingly.ben_
    • Ooh, so you took off the shelf crockery and turned it into a sign? That's so clever!
      I was here wondering whether it was reclaimed or bespoke-made
    • Thats what I'm TALKIN ABOUT!toemaas
    • @Narin, there is a place in Madrid that still does these old school signs.Chimp
    • Of course! That's what I love about Spain & Italy, etc - small business craftsmanship is still A Thing. Thanks, man.
      Is it plastic, or glass?
    • @narin Here is an image of it in production:…Chimp
    • Cool! Was it vacuum-formed, do you know?Nairn
    • Hmm, I think so.Chimp
    • That's so cool Chimp. @nairn, yeah we just used the crockery. We did a double sided round sign with them, lit from within.ben_
    • I need to get a vacuum former :)Nairn
    • signage mfg's at the time would have charged a few grand to create the forms, and even then they'd be plastic.ben_
    • That's in Canada though where no one makes signs like this anymore. anyhow, amazing work Chimp. Reminds me how much I miss Spain.ben_
    • Madrid is a great place. Not too big, not too small, not as touristy as Barca, fairly cheap and good weather...Chimp
    • I love coffee, nice work Chimputopian
    • Nice work!bezoar
    • Cheers guys!Chimp
    • Place looks really natural, not stuck together. Logo is sweet!
      Also the coffee project is super nice too.
    • Nice work chimp!Static_Line
    • Cheers Ryan :)Chimp

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