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  • pango3

    btw i'm all moved into my new condo.
    and while I was reading the previous strata meeting minutes, this came up. LOL

    welp, there are idiots in my building.

    "...There have been incidentS* of residents accidentally locking themselves on their balcony and becoming
    trapped. In all incidents, the building manager did not have a key on file to access the unit. A locksmith
    was contacted at a cost to the owner...."

    • Have a one-way balcony door, so I keep a hammer on the balcony in case the wind decides to shut the door and trap me outside...grafician
    • all that blaa blaa and still no date for the party, cmoon'sted
    • we have sliding doors to the balcony. and you can only manually lock it from the inside. no idea how he locked himself out lol.pango
    • COVID PARTY! THIS SATURDAY! i'll get pizza and nachos.pango
    • Sweet! I'll bring beer and COVID!!PonyBoy
    • there will also be a cheese fountain.pango
    • Cheese fountain?? I'm in! I'll bring a squid paellaOBBTKN
    • Don't get too much drunki_was
    • pony will personally chew up all the food and feed you all like a bird.pango

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