Fall of Civilizations

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  • Nairn1

    I started watching this last night, but within about 6 minutes he'd said two things a bit incorrectly and I got a bit sus (one was just saying a word wholly incorrectly).

    I'll try and finish it and if it's any goo, mention it there >


    I'm watching it because as far as I'm aware the whole collapse of the mediterranean bronze-age cultures is apparently a huge mystery, which is fundamental given the reach of these civilisations.

    • Oh Christ, yours are all 2+ hours long too! haha - 22 hours of content.
      *sets playback speed to 1.75*
    • I think that came up in the recommended vids too Nairn, I'll give it a listen. :-)
      Seems it takes only a few things failing for the wheels to come off.
    • It's worth a watch.

      Possibly better at 1.5x and more focused than I was, mind :)

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