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  • shapesalad0

    Yes, you take the massive image and AE will handle it either seen small or at 100%, it'll so the antialiasing for you etc.

    Make a Null layer.
    Make the null a 3D Layer by clicking on that 3d cube checkbox on the layer control.
    Select Null layer, press P. Right click on Position, select separate dimensions.
    Keyframe Z. with position 0.
    Make a camera, 35mm is fine. parent it to the null.
    Go to end of timeline, and add another keyframe for Position Z of Null, Change the value of Z to a massive number like 10k

    Stick your images in the comp under camera, make them 3d layers. Position them at different Z points. No you can zoom into them...

    • I'll pass this on to my colleague and we can test it out. Many thanks.face_melter

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