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  • Wolfboy0

    To be honest, my first reaction is I'm not really feeling the new direction.

    I thought they had something nice with the old identity, maybe they could have tightened up the extended visual language, but in general they had a nice brand with the right amount of gravitas for what they were offering.

    For me, the new direction feels far too slight and similar to many other things you see out there. It now feels more like Skillshare in terms of the kind of thing you can expect from their offering. And I'm not having a go at Skillshare, I like what that site does; but on MasterClass you're paying money to access the minds and process of some really creative heavyweights.

    I feel like I've seen the type treatments and colour palettes far too many times over the past four or five years.

    • New direction seems a lot more functional overall, whereas prior it might've been a neat-ish logo stuck onto some shit?
      People love generic.
    • (I say the above having fuck all knowledge about their previous brand - I just wanted to balance out my inane PC post below)Nairn
    • There was definitely plenty of scope to tighten the visual language and functionality. But it feels like they’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water.Wolfboy

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