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  • sted14

    • but what about FREEDOM?babydick
    • dicks hanging naked are subject to a set of different rules what may vary by country/state.sted
    • A businesses right. Even to discriminate on services to gays... Business discrimination rights right!deathboy
    • DodoDeathBoyFreeDumb...utopian
    • Ah no critical thinking skills utopiandeathboy
    • comparing a discrimation with a deadly virus and gays is truly a retarted masterpiece.neverscared
    • cdc is clear , only deathboy´s brain is to puny to understand.neverscared
    • forever the free-market fuckwit.face_melter
    • Masks should have been mandatory at buffets way before corona... too many people talking near buffets spraying gozz all over the food.shapesalad
    • Well, I mean, buffets were kind of grotty to start with anyway, corona or no corona.Continuity
    • deathboy's discrimination nationben_
    • so cdc statements on masks cool, even if it contradicts hopkins numbers and states risks are barely anything? and there own early sayign of non masksdeathboy
    • maybe its time to think for yourself. look at the information that is available and make your opinion. i can say the "experts" are so over the place anddeathboy
    • contradictory, or just completely stupid, im going to trust in me. be honest I almsot think this was more a scare set off by china. and in political yeardeathboy
    • became a media pull clusterfuck. lets say no media push sensationalism but soem headlines like "strong flu season. an increase of .02-.04%. be carefuldeathboy
    • would it be the same. or did media hype it. and force every politician lookign at re-election to do soemthign vs being called out for doign nothing.deathboy
    • because doing any senseless action polls better than doing nothing.deathboy
    • cdc numbers wont be real for 2 years. it will be interesting to see them and the year followingdeathboy

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