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  • moldero4

    Did Trump just volunteer for a debate with Biden moderated by Joe Rogan?…

    • that would be awesomeKrassy
    • Trump would choose to do it in a WWE ring with Vince McMahon moderating, if he could.nb
    • Have we not sunk far enough as a nation? Stop encouraging this garbage.nb
    • WWE, Trump! That would be epic. Here comes Trumpanadah!Sellies
    • Ladder match!PhanLo
    • This would be a disaster for BidenGnash
    • ^ that's why there's NO way he would agree to it. LOLKrassy
    • ^ right, because Trump is soooo much better at speaking succinctly. /sdorf
    • jesus, not rogan that anti-intellectual prick.neverscared
    • Get ready for four hours of clips of chimpanzees fucking each other and Rogan looking bewildered after finding out biscuits aren't sentient.face_melter
    • don't worry kiddos, the DNC would never allow this, your bubble is safe.moldero
    • Sara Cooper literally got a Netflix special just lip syncing all the batshit, word vomit Trump says everyday.FNP14
    • To think Trump would fair well in this space is delusional.FNP14
    • it would be awesome bc the debate would be about dmt, aliens and weedfeel
    • No one thinks trump would fair well, the guy’s a moron. Just that Biden would crumble. He can’t afford to f’upGnash
    • exactlymoldero

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