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  • mg332

    I've never watched Dune and I've been far more interested in watching that documentary about the original than ever watching the movie.

    But when I watched the trailer for the first one, and for this one, they both just look dumb. Like it's a convoluted, uninteresting story to latch on to as an adult.

    A couple weeks ago a neighbor admitted he'd never seen Star Wars. He mentioned that as an adult it just looks unengaging and cheesy to him. I think that's how I feel about Dune.

    • sorta feel the same but Denis Villeneuve is one of my favorite directors so I am compelled to give this one a go.Ramanisky2
    • It was an influential book, that's why people liked it.
      The feudal system as a scifi story. Same way people like Thrones.
    • Good to know. I think somewhere along the way I also confused Dune with Time Bandits. LOLmg33
    • I never took it seriously as a young kid either, but some of my more cultured pals were really into it.PhanLo
    • I loved Dune as a kid, I was really really looking forward to this movie, until I watched the trailer. It has I was made for Hulu written all over it.utopian
    • Agree on the trailer but can’t see denis fucking it up.ben_
    • Ironic, as Star Wars is a ripoff of Dune.i_monk
    • I was in an “advanced” class in the 5th grade and we read Dune. Hadn’t a clue about a lot of it and felt stupid when the teacher explained what had happened.Green_Pork
    • I can see why they never made the Children of Dune into a movie, it's a bit of a dull end to the characters.
      Will that be in this movie series?
    • Children of Dune was made into a miniseries in the 90s.i_monk
    • Dune, the book, is a true epic and great sci-fi book, following in footsteps of Asimov's Foundation series. It's scale and scope are huge, and at times, boring.monospaced
    • The big picture is awe inspiring, and that's why it's hard to capture them in film. Certain things just don't transfer correctly.monospaced
    • Ha! A true aesthete... The new one looks very straight, as does mg33.tbgoodwillie
    • Watched the mini-series, first 3 edpisodes were good, but the Macavoy ones were quite boring. Maybe the bigger budget and fleshing of the story will helpPhanLo
    • @Mg33 Just watched the documentary today. It's well worth checking. So cool to think of O'Bannon, Moebius, Giger and Foss hanging out together.PhanLo
    • Without the failed Dune, there wouldn't be Alien, at least in the form we see it now. No way as good without Giger.PhanLo
    • Star Wars is super juvenile, but the special effects in the originals are enough to keep you interestednb

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