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    Phwoar, I'm 103% Pure Man today - bought myself a jigsaw for prepping material for The Machine. Should have years ago!

    Except.. my workshop/studio is all about girly-man materials and my main working area is absolutely and totally unsuited for jigsawing 6' wide pieces of plywood. Clearly I've not thought this through.

    I had thought I could just get a load of polystyrene blocks to elevate sheets enough above the work surface so that it doesn't cut through it. That's it. That was my solution. Any of you who know anything about woodworking can probably already see how terrible an idea this was (to be fair, I conceived it when I was drunk last night, when I ordered the jigsaw).

    Cutting is a knife-edge between getting a good cutrate so it cuts smoothly and then absolutely not and the sheet vibrating like a sinewave spastic on bathsalts.

    If you don't hear from me in a while, I've cut at least one finger off.

    Need to work out how to use my array of clamps to bind to the work surface.. going to be tricky.

    • Maybe you should have bought a benchtop bandsaw instead.face_melter
    • They're a lot more expensive, and a lot messier. I'll make this work, just the 'solution' I have now will inevitably lead to pain and horror.Nairn
    • I'd also still have the sacrifice-sheet / elevation problem, *and* need to totally clear the relevant work surface. I can sort of ad hoc it with a jigsaw.Nairn
    • Only worry is if your studio is really clean and you don't have extraction is the dust.
      Jigsaw is always handy to have though.
    • Ah, sorry - I was thinking you meant a plunge saw.
      re: Bandsaw - I meant 6 foot, not 6 inches.
    • My studio is rarely 'very clean' but it's not the sort of place I can have a shit ton of ply and MDF dust settling on. Jigsaw has a vacuum attachment so :\Nairn
    • Vibration will be an issue with thinner materials. Even 1/4 ply while shake like crazyGnash
    • yeah. that's exactly it - most everything I need to prep is 6mm and under

    • the vacuum makes a big difference but dust extraction is a slippery slope - the harmful fine dust will just get pumped back in to the room...kingsteven
    • you can pick up cyclone attachments that'll filter off most of the fine stuff in to a bucket, smart investment if you don't have good airflowkingsteven
    • I have a net outflow of air in here anyway due to two huge extractor fans, and the vacuum i use is a henry with pseudo hepa filter bags. but yeah. not nice.Nairn
    • Most of the stuff I actually cut is filtered by The Machine - this shit's literally so I can cut 6'x6' and 8'x4' sheets down to size, once or twice a monthNairn
    • I had hoped I could take it home and use it to cut down a couple of bushes that need removing.. but I now realise that's an even worse idea. hahaNairn
    • I've not used a jigsaw in anger for literally 22 years. I'd completely forgotten how they work.Nairn
    • Depending on the shape of cuts, I picked up one of these. It can plunge cut, flush cut, and adjustable depth...Gnash
    • Jig saw won’t be ideal for what you’re cutting. Choice of blade, angle of cut (if your jig has adjustable angle), and variable speed will help a bitGnash
    • Dremel makes a handheld scroll saw that is remarkably usable. But it has limitationsGnash
    • hrmph, that dremel ultra saw does look like the sort of thing I need. oh well, next time. I'm surrounded by cunts with festool shit, so my perspective is skewedNairn
    • Clamping will be your friend. And the right bladeGnash

      all the way
    • It helps to clamp something all along cutting edge, sorta like this ...Gnash
    • One side is good enough…

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