Dell XPS 15 — the new one / MBP 16"

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    I got an 15" dell i7 alienware, its still kicking since 2016, gave it to my wife to replace her old mac that was freezing for no reason, I think its from 2015

    So yea, if you are getting any pc these days make sure it has an RTX video card if you are planning to do any type of 3d graphics stuff

    Everything else is awesome, the M2 SSD drives are the way to go, look it up how different they are from ssd's, they are the size of a pen drive and is attached right into the motherboard instead of going thru a controller

    but the XPS it's a beast of a machine and you are going to love it

    always bought dell for my workstations and laptops over the years and they are great, great service too, get the 2yr service, its worth it!

    • I've been very impressed by Dell service. Often more attentive and less chat than Apple — generally pleased with them too thoughcraigatkinson

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