Dell XPS 15 — the new one / MBP 16"

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    I have a Dell XPS15 a my personal laptop for design and music making. Its a few years old now and still going strong.

    I wanted a beast of a laptop that wouldnt bottom out when making music so a SSD and as much RAM as I could get were a must.

    I did look at getting a shop to build a custom laptop and some places can build you an absolute beasts! But I didn't go that route as one of the criteria I was looking for was for the laptop to be as thin and light as possible ... for a 15"!

    I'd had Dells before and they are pretty reliable. If you buy with a warranty then you've no worries anyway and can always extend the warranty, it's not a crazy price.
    The DellXPS15 I got has a footprint of a usual 14" laptop. That was one of the pulls of this machine. It is slightly smaller than usual 15inchers.

    Was going to buy a new model but then realised you can get their machines a lot cheaper from their Dell Factory Outlet.
    The stock changes each day and you got to be fast to get a beast n bargain so its well worth checking back each day for what you are after.

    I ended up getting an i7 with 32gb RAM and 1TBSSD for about £1300. Think it was like about 500 cheaper than they were to buy from dell main site.

    One thing i really dislike about it thought , and this dislike has only popped up this year, is that webcam is at the bottom of the screen so looks really strange to others watching you.Obv only been a thing since lockdown and using a webcam for work.

    • BTW did you ever find a good family photo sharing method?craigatkinson
    • So what the hell is this thread even about if you already made up your mind?monospaced
    • far from it mono — looking for user experience. Trying to justify to myself the extra 40% to buy Apple, again...craigatkinson
    • Check the Dell Outlet for bargains! never did get a family sharingmicrokorg
    • << shops that do custom laptops dont have a thin offering, they are all pretty bulky. But would be beasts tho.microkorg

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