Dell XPS 15 — the new one / MBP 16"

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    The XPS 15 doesn’t offer a GPU with more than 4GB of memory like the Mac has. Also you might make sure you pick the 4k UHD display for another $300 on the Dell if you haven’t already. Offering 1080 resolution these days is archaic. But once you do they the price difference isn’t as large.

    • XPS 17" comes with a NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 6GB GDDR6 with Max-Q. Offering a lower res screen is silly, but also not having a touchscreen these daysformed
    • is also archaic.formed
    • Yes. Still not as much memory and more expensive.monospaced
    • Spec for spec the 17” Dell gets close but costs $3,300. It has touch. I’ll give it that. LOLmonospaced
    • @mono see belowcraigatkinson

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