Dell XPS 15 — the new one / MBP 16"

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  • moldero2

    you can build a pc at 1/3 the price of that dell with better/faster components too. & I'd avoid Intel, AMD's where its at now. if Dell's still pushing Intel, I'd ditch dell as well.

    Join the PC master race, fuck apple, shits for posers

    • building a pc today is like putting legos together, don't let it intimidate you.moldero
    • Laptop?Nairn
    • ah shit no, desktop sorry, check MSI they have good priced fast laptops, they might still be on intel too thoughmoldero
    • Moldero dropping truth bombs, shiiiiieeeettttbabydick
    • Aye, if I was getting a PC now, I'd get an AMD processor and nVidia GPU.

      23 (!) years I've been Intel and ATI/AMD GPU
    • "If I was *building a PC now" even.
      I'd also stick with Desktop for doing any heavy lifting. I find it really hard to work on laptops.
    • on my current AMD Ryzen 7 build I made the mistake of going Radeon to go all AMD, do it again id go Nvidia like my daughters Ryzen 5 I builtmoldero
    • for the record, ive been on Mac Pro towers for the past 15 years, still have my trash can stuffed in a closet in case some poser wants to buy it.moldero
    • haha, this poser here wants a trashcan mac at some point! Just to stick in the living room for general use though - i think they're lovely machines.Nairn
    • its beautiful till you plug in 15 different dongles to it then it looks like a nightmaremoldero
    • + the connections are near the top, so with time your connections do that whole zip tie that cable towards the left so it works thingmoldero
    • long live pc master space racefeel

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