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  • yuekit1

    Putting aside whether TikTok is good or bad...is it weird that everyone just accepts the U.S. president has the power to unilaterally ban something?

    Having travelled in some less than free countries, you get used to having to use a VPN sometimes. In Indonesia you can't access Reddit, possibly because conservative Muslims are offended by gonewild and other porn.

    In Thailand you can't read the Daily Mail because apparently at one point they insulted the Thai monarchy.

    And of course in China US apps are banned "because national security."

    However I never thought I'd see the US become a country where you don't have access to something the rest of the world does.

    • I posted an article, read it. It's not the president, the president just takes the credit...grafician
    • And it's not a ban of tiktok, it's just a split of it, so the US can handle the data of US citizens. EU and Russia and China do the same.grafician
    • Apple Chinese users data is hosted in China, for example. And so on...grafician
    • It seems that Microsoft will handle the data of Western users. I really don't know if this is bad or worse tho'grafician
    • Btw you can use tiktok without a user, it's pretty anonymous. Sure, except when it copies your clipboard data like phone numbers, CC numbers, nudes, etc.grafician
    • all that spy shit is BS, this is all about $moldero
    • But this was also the case with Facebook, LinkedIn (btw a Microsoft company)grafician
    • I dont even tiktok r whatever, just seeing through the BSmoldero
    • @moldero really? tiktok has access to your entire phone contents and your kids' too!grafician
    • Also stop fuckin using Huawei tech also! Huawei security is so bad, literally anybody can own you like those kids owned twitter!grafician
    • China's taking over is inevitable, you can thank our 1% & fuck island pedo Bill for expediting that processmoldero
    • google and FB have our info too? their just not US companies, this is money plain and simplemoldero
    • ^said that wrong but you can figure it out lolmoldero
    • decipher my pre-coffee words!moldero
    • ;)moldero
    • lol...I think it remains to be seen exactly what the "ban" is...it could be a complete ban, sale to MSFT or nothing.yuekit
    • China is not taking over shit. All their stuff comes from us. They just copy us.grafician
    • Tiktok got so popular because they didn't follow any rules. You can't develop and grow something like tiktok in the West, with all our bounds and checks man...grafician
    • Well they got to 5G first right? I agree with moldero, it's ultimately about money. There is huge hypocrisy on both sides.yuekit
    • China cries about getting banned, but they ban everyone else over in China. USA says TikTok is spying for the Chinese government but there is noyuekit
    • concrete proof of this...whereas it is 100% proven that US tech companies surveil the entire world for the NSA.yuekit
    • @yuekit yup, always assume everything is saved somewhere these days, act accordingly ofcgrafician
    • Trump wants revenge on TikTok for killing his Tulsa Oklahoma Rally.utopian
    • I don’t accept his self appointed made up powers. No. He’s not even a leader.monospaced
    • I’m sure he’s banning it because Melania caught him wanking to twerk vids.ben_
    • How does tiktik differ from vine or periscope? Remember those died quikdeathboy
    • Tiktok as Chinese cummuniat party's backing. Vine doesn't.pango
    • Don't know about you guys but I'm starting away from Chinese Communist party as much as I can.pango
    • Of course China is exploiting the data from TikTok. Lol at needing ‘concrete proof’Gnash
    • *stayingpango
    • I dunno, I agree with the ACLU here
    • You'd think one of the advantages of liberal democracy vs. something like China's system is that the leader doesn't just arbitrarily ban things.yuekit
    • tha i would agreepango

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