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    Individuals with a cervix are now recommended to start cervical cancers screening at 25 and continue through age 65, with HPV testing every five years as the preferred method of testing, according to a new guideline released by the American Cancer Society


    Lol. cnn now calling women, "individuals with a cervix"

    Not a cult.

    • fuckng hell. I'm sure I saw this exact-same phrasing elsewhere a week or two ago, possibly somewhere here in Blighty.Nairn
    • Been watching this explode on twitter.i_monk
    • What I don't get is all these righteous wimmin defending males who want to own and dominate their dialogue, it's ... weird.Nairn
    • "Trans rights are men's rights" if you follow the right hashtagsi_monk
    • I try not to follow any of this as it's even more depressing than C19 - yet here I am all the same with my opinions, male that I am.Nairn
    • it's not 'male' nairn, i think you can use something like, sperm-emitter, or prostrate possessonatorGnash
    • haha, excellent - *steal* - I've added that to my profile.Nairn
    • can't get cervical cancer without a cervixmonospaced
    • and there are obviously women without cervixes, so it's not really complicatedmonospaced
    • What if I identify as having a cervix?Chimp
    • What if I identify as a cervix?Nairn
    • Hmm, that would make me a cunt, so not far off base.Nairn
    • @chimp, then get your cervical screening and let a doctor deal with itmonospaced
    • To be fair to CNN, they are just quoting exactly what the original article says
    • @mono, so why not just say 'women with a cervix' -- even less 'complicated' derpGnash
    • I read this as an attempt to include trans-men with cervixes rather than not exclude trans-women without cervixes.
      Wrap your head around that one!
    • @Gnash, I don't know, I don't even care. It's really not my business, but a cervix is a cervix, and it can get cancer.monospaced
    • The phrase 'Cervix Charges' popped into mind and now I can't help but think how many I've had over the years.
      Not as many as Trump.
    • Transmen get 'cervixes' made from penile tissue, so do you call it cervical cancer or penile cancer? Trick Q: If you call it penile cancer you're a transphobe.i_monk
    • (er, typo, transwomen get that surgery)i_monk
    • https://twitter.com/… Half of women don't know what a cervix is, so this language excludes women toi_monk
    • affirm a handful of peoplei_monk
    • ^ oh dear, lolGnash

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