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  • Ramanisky22

    Me finishing Dark this weekend.

    • oh god... tell me about it...
      Did it get really fucking boring for you? One day it just became painfully repetitive... I fizzled out around S3E6.
    • @PonyBoy the last two episodes of season 3 are so much better than the opening ones ...Bluejam
    • Yeah Pony it def did .. I still enjoyed it..
      but the “beginning is the end and end is the beginning” line and the “tick tock, tick tock, tick tock” line
    • Def got a bit repetitive. But like I said before I still enjoyed it quite a lot ... and loved the complex time travel paradox that was setup.Ramanisky2
    • Nice. I'm still at 2nd season. Watching an episode a day.Beeswax
    • hmmm... okay... I'll go back and finish it :)PonyBoy
    • I got half way through second season and said nope. Im too lost i need to binges all of it when its further alongdeathboy
    • Binging all 3 seasons back to back is highly recommendedRamanisky2
    • that's how I did it, ram. Like you said...the 'tick tock / beginning is the end / can't fuck my aunt' shit got tiresome—but I shall get over myself and finish!PonyBoy

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