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  • grafician2

    "David Hockney's painted 'Vogue' cover is a soothing moment in your day"


    • Handsome Frank illustration agency wanted to sign the artist before figuring out it was Hockney lolgrafician
    • boring and fuglyutopian
    • It's the most beautiful painted field since Van Gogh mate, what's boring about it? Hockney is a modern master!grafician
    • I was away visiting nature the last weekend, been walking in those fields, this is a great cover, but sure, for Vogue might be questionablegrafician
    • Always been a fan of Hockney. I wouldn’t have guessed this to be his :)Gnash
    • I love Hockney's work. I think the painting works well with the theme of reset and Vogue if the idea of reset is to change the balance of our lives, but...Melanie
    • ... it seems that there are bigger social issues currently that need resetting (that Vogue has contributed to) and could have been represented on the cover.Melanie
    • * and then she read the article and wished there was a comment delete button.Melanie
    • Haha, melanie :)Gnash
    • @Gnash he returned to the UK in 2000 and painted a lot of landscapesgrafician
    • https://www.youtube.…grafician
    • I really hope he makes this year, after Milton passing I can't get anymore heartbreak from favorite artists :/grafician
    • @Melanie I did post the article for context, welcome back to the QBN girl!grafician
    • A soothing moment for 0.5 seconds while you double tap to like and scroll on to the next random imagenb
    • not fan of this painting, like I said...boring as fuck!utopian
    • Lovely. His mum lives in my home town and he did painted a series of the Roman road on which I learned to drive.MrT
    • ^It's a line to the past and a road to Romefuturefood
    • Love this cover and Hockney’s experimental video work is amazing.futurefood

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