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  • maquito3

    • 'ha'.Nairn
    • Haha, look how prepared we are. This should be a piece of piss..... oh, hang on!Ianbolton
    • These are hypotetical estimates 2019 vs reality 2020Salarrue
    • It's almost as if UK and US politics is all about spin, bullshit and hoping the worst things never actually happen. Who'd have thought that'd be the case...Wolfboy
    • ...when we've elected sociopathic, known liars into positions of power.Wolfboy
    • Too bad that they don't have an updated 2020 infographic, the USA would be solid red.utopian
    • Talking shit about the USA has become like shooting fish in a barrel, but I think we need some humility about why some countries were hit hard and others neveryuekit
    • were. Why was Asia largely spared, and Africa mostly spared so far? Lots about the virus we still don't understand.yuekit

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