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  • grafician6

    Came back to civilisation today after a few days in nature...

    Oh man, the city feels like another world, feeling like I need to re-learn how to do things around here. Spent about 5-6 mins just starring at the washing machine not knowing how to turn it on again.

    The nature days were wonderful, went into the woods, went into a nearby river, got some nice stones, had barbecue with family, spent the evenings with some wine just waiting for the sunset to finish and the night to come over our village, beautiful stuff.

    Nature is amazing!

    • Also just had a trip with some comrades. Relaxing, fishing, drinking smoking and yeah of course axe throwing. Im reset.islandbridge
    • ^VERY reset here too, will go back in 2 weeks for a few more days.grafician
    • is camping where you live good?Gnash
    • beautifulsee_bee
    • No camping Gnash, we just went to my brother's in-laws village, they have endless fields of sun flower, river, forest, bee keeping, vegetable gardens, all thatgrafician
    • Vineyard, fruit trees, flower garden, 100mbps broadband, the simple life...grafician
    • Tomato garden with full irrigation system in their backyard, I went barefoot for 2 days eating fruit from the trees as I went alonggrafician
    • City life is truly overrated, our priorities are so messed upgrafician
    • They can easily feed 100 ppl for a year, a jar of honey and a kilo of freshly grown potatoes cost $.50 down there!grafician
    • Money has no value down there were everybody can grow anything to feed the entire village from their backyards! It's amazing!grafician
    • I mean their only concern is bugs messing up their crops!grafician
    • Living of the land has an entirely new meaninggrafician
    • Don't get me wrong, most of the ppl except ol' folk have college degrees, latest cars, broadband, smartphones, they just value the simple life much more!grafician
    • We had discussions about Tesla and electric cars, solar panels, advanced irrigation systems, etc. while sipping home grown wine and watching the sunsetgrafician
    • sounds like bliss! i love me the village life. I went back home last summer and stayed in the village for a couple of weeks. Better than any therapy :)Gnash
    • Gnash truth be told, that's the truth brother! Your soul replenishes, your mind and body resets. Beautiful stuff going to the country side.grafician
    • I too collect nice stones. I've done this since I was 6.Doris_McSquirter
    • In my collection I have silica from Angkor Wat, the Great Wall, Machu Picchu and Auchwitz.Doris_McSquirter
    • Mostly the collection is made from river and beach finds. Smooth rocks.Doris_McSquirter

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