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  • Nairn0

    I'm a total spotify noob, but can you not just share a playlist?

    Not sure what use there is in sharing a bitmap graphic list...

    • Asking this particularly because I also asked in the Listening to.. thread a while back if any QBNers were sharing playlists on Spotify.Nairn
    • Oh, i SEE - this is an auto-generated list.Nairn
    • As I said, noob.Nairn
    • If I share my playlist link, you'll see my real name....shapesalad
    • Anyway, just posting here, incase it sparks interest....shapesalad
    • Aaah, of course. Never thought of that.

      Yeah, the curtain's best kept drawn, I've (sadly) learnt from my years on QBN

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