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  • grafician2

    Oh man, we're so so so lucky having this Internet thingy during this global pandemic...

    Reading up on older pandemics, ppl back then having no clue why people dying around them, no global information to lean on for news, medics/researchers working on themselves to cure the pandemic with barely no contact to exchange info, what WHO, what thoughts of quick medicine or vaccines, ICU, all that...

    No TVs, no netflix to chill, no social media...ffsake!

    Come to think we recently had SARS-1, MERS, etc. Ebola outbreaks in "farther lands", we here in western societies giving no shit...

    Put myself in African shoes, waking up one morning and your entire village dead and you have no clue what happened, just the

    So lucky.

    • *researchers working BY themselvesgrafician
    • sorry ... what outbreak resulted in an entire village in a single night?monospaced
    • *dying in a single night?monospaced
    • @mono few days after the priest of the neighboring village took the cross along the main road and everybody was touching it.sted
    • @mono Ebola outbreaks, very very scary shitgrafician
    • Based on this story: https://www.nytimes.…grafician
    • Not an entire village overnight, but you get the idea :/grafician
    • The biggest one in 2016 travelled as far as the US UK Italy and Spain, 11k dead :/grafician
    • The story above said 13 died in a remote village, but another story back mentions the village had 150 ppl. So about 10% dead overnight after eating a cimp.grafician
    • This time, somebody maybe eat bat soup and got infected, the next pandemic who least we can talk about it online.grafician
    • besides of this over-saturation, i completely agree with you and I think we're doing a good job in this. where i see the improvement is necessary is thested
    • separation of global healthcare related events from the political and economic factors.sted
    • so that no business or politician can act for his own purposes / profit in the occurrence of such an event.sted
    • @sted Yup! Would name UK, US, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, China, Russia here...grafician
    • Or at the least we need more/full transparency so we can handle this kind of situation faster and better.grafician
    • I think full transparency is a futurists illusion, difficult to reconcile with human nature.sted
    • We need better and accountable systems what make possible for the individual to contribute to the global information transparency.sted
    • So nobody woke up to find everyone dead one morning. It wasn’t a whole village and it wasn’t a virus.monospaced
    • Nobody had no clue what was going on. Nobody died overnight. Disease wasn’t even airborne. Nothing you said makes any sense.monospaced
    • And most importantly. No internet would have helped them. They dined on poisoned chimpanzee blood. There was no contagious outbreak without info. Fuck!monospaced
    • eh grafician u should do a better job researching your sources :D but in general i still agree what ur saying, just fix your shit :D and Release the plagueeee.sted
    • Here we go again...
      @mono it's in the title of the article, no clickbait
    • @mono But you're right, who had Internet back in '96, did you?grafician
    • Yes sorry people aren't dying around you.Hayoth
    • @sted sorry my guy, too many tabs open, can't keep track, need to hire a hot assistant to do the research for megrafician
    • Imagine writing your distant family members to see if they're alive and waiting 3 to 6 weeks for a written response.nb
    • Even with all the technology, I doubt we're far off from human sacrifice.PhanLo
    • You’re insane if you think that article or it’s content in any way remotely resembles your interpretation. You’ve gone full bobo.monospaced

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