Elon Musk

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  • _niko-1

    • ahahaha, epic
      C Y B E R K A R E N
    • ...or maybe he's somebody trying to produce a product, provide jobs to thousands, etc. I'm so over the far left.MondoMorphic
    • Haharobotron3k
    • it's funny, lighten up, even robo's laughing. also trying to provide covid to thousands etc to turn a profit, so over the far right lol_niko
    • When stand for nothing you kneel for anything. Way to go commis!Hayoth
    • Oh dear, the hillbilly still hasn't learned to spell.Continuity
    • C Y B E R C O M M I Srenderedred
    • Just like a broken record....our village idiot has chimed in.utopian
    • It's funny that someone who's left-of-moderate sounds "far right" to the far left. The left eats its own again. lolMondoMorphic
    • Sitting on a bus is rocket science, Rosa.hotroddy
    • It’s funny how a left of moderate American thinks a right of moderate Canadian is far left lol_niko
    • ^pango
    • It’s funny how the right don’t find anything funny.MrT

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