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    • you guys talk like pangolin is a common thing "normal market" *roll eyes.pango
    • "but its still gonna be sold in black market"
      you can still buy cocaine, should it be legal then?! what about gun control? fuck it! nothing is working!
    • that is not a wet market, rolls eyes.utopian
    • fake new!
      nothing is real!
      go drink bleach!
    • "Before we get down to brass tacks, it needs to be noted that in February the government banned basically the entirety of the farmed-wildlife industry."sted
    • Video was published on Apr 5, 2020.sted
    • "well... you live in Foshan. It's Guangdong. It's a rich part of China, not representative. Plus! You spend all of 20 seconds in the meat sectionsted
    • ...on the defense he linked a 20 min video from 2019 dec 31. what basically shows zero meat kiosks on that market...sted
    • enters the meat section shows two places next to each other, and talks about the lights lolsted
    • how about someone who has actually shopped at those markets? me. telling you that's a accurate representation of most wet markets.pango
    • wet market in april 2020, 2019, 2018 aint gonna be so fucking different.
      here an person who actually been to those market, telling you markets that sells exotic
    • animals are rare. are you gonna go flatearther on me? "those videos are manipulate, you work for government agency trying to hide the truth"pango
    • and let it be on the record, i think CPC is fucking shady.pango
    • you guys are seriously like the comments section of youtube.pango
    • The floor looks pretty weti_was
    • No need for exotics when they eat 'domestics' ... google images for Yulin Dog Meat FestivalBustySaintClaire
    • yes the floor is wet?pango
    • yes "yulin" dog Meat Festivalpango
    • Why should we believe you, huh? Huh? Your name is suspiciously close to "pangolin". Coincidence? Wake up, sheeple!jagara
    • @pango I just copy-pasted the issues with his "revelations", these videos do more harm than good. first of all it does not allow in any form to get to know thested
    • culture. second why can't you start with the sentence I copy-pasted form the guys yt comment?
      thus leaving the viewer with many bases of assumption
    • and you don't have to convince me.sted
    • you want me to hold your hands too? and give you a pet on the head telling you how much of a good job you're doing?pango
    • oh i didn't know you actually copied from youtube comments. me talking about yt comments were purely coincidental. lolpango
    • Pangolin burgers, almost as good as Donkey burgers.shapesalad
    • so we should trust a guy who present ONE market? A guy who seems to live in China and, I guess, really love China and the culture... and want to defend it.Bennn
    • I want you to hold my hand.
      Hold my hand, pango.
      Let's be 'buddies'.
    • @benn how about me telling you that's how it is?pango
    • did you know pango wants to change the name of 'British Columbia' bc Columbus spread diseases in the new world upon visiting it? --Oh the irony.hotroddy
    • Ya, let’s all pretend that it’s just one secret, cloaked, market in Wuhan that rich people have secret access to. LolGnash
    • lol ya keep telling us how much you know about it.pango
    • changing BC's name? couldn't care less. if it gets changed? *shrug. but i wouldn't push for it cuz its gonna cost me money.
      i don't see the irony...
    • it wasn't a cloaked market. it was a legal market. In fact people did try to ban exotic animal but it got lifted cuz of private lobbying.pango
    • It’s still legal via the TCM loophole they left in. and it’s only a 5-year ban. #covid2025Gnash
    • that does sound concerning. if its true. its the first thing anyone of you said that's not completely stupid.pango
    • I know it wasn’t’ a ‘cloaked’ market - hence my use of “pretend”. you’re pushing this false narrative that it’s this one-off, localized and rare occurrence.Gnash
    • Which it most certainly is not.Gnash
    • false narrative? fuck off. i'm saying its not as common as you all think it is.
      have you been to one? how many are there?
    • go try to find 1 person who has actually had bats or pangolin. ozzy doesn't count.pango
    • Let's be honest. None of you know fuck all about these markets, nor have you ever been to China nor lived in China to have seen and lived among them whatsoever.Khurram
    • These "wet markets" are basically markets where they sell live animals and slaughter them in the same place. They exist over the entire "developing" worldKhurram
    • There's hundreds all over Thailand, in Bangkok, SE Asia, Africa, Latin America, India, Pakistan. That's how people have bought their meat for centuries.Khurram
    • That's still how you buy your lobsters. Pick an animal, kill an animal, cook an animal, eat an animal.Khurram
    • And I don't even know how Pangolins got dragged into this. They look delicious, by the way. You have no idea it has anything to do with PangolinsKhurram
    • The animal that produces coronaviruses is bats. And it always goes from bats >> domestic farm animal >> humans. Not straight from bats to humans.Khurram
    • That's how MERS happened (camels), that's how avian flu happened (chickens). Everyone's acting liek afucking expert nowKhurram
    • Plus TURTLES! White people used to eat turtles right up until the last century. Turtle soup was a fucking thing: https://www.tasteofh…Khurram
    • If you can eat turtles, why can't you eat pangolins?Khurram
    • Pango, you’re being intentionally dense or you are dense. I never once said they are EVERYWHERE. But you’re talking like there’s just a couple of them around’Gnash
    • And what's that twat talking about dogs?? We've co-evolved with them since the beginning of time. There's no bother with dogs.Khurram
    • An oddity. And they’re not.Gnash
    • Of course they are all over the world, Khurram. What’s the point? And it’s not like buying lobster a Loblaws, ffsGnash
    • And it’s not just about food, many of the exotics as used in TCM. Nothing like eating wolf puppies for extra boner powerGnash
    • You're the one being dense. I never said you said it's it's everywhere. But you-all talk like it's everywhere.pango
    • Ugh.Gnash
    • and to demonstrate how uncommon it is. i want you to find someone who had eaten pangolin. or bat.pango
    • Fffs, you’re right. They sell them as pets. It’s not ‘Wet’, it’s Pet!Gnash
    • What’s the fucking difference if they eat them or grind up their testicles and make tea for boners?Gnash
    • They sell the fuckers in wet markets! Maybe you don’t drink pangolin blood, but enough people do to sell the fuckers in stallsGnash
    • No one is saying every other person in China has a bag full bat heads they carry for snacks, ffs.Gnash
    • What's wrong with pangolins??!! They look delicious!Khurram
    • pango isn't dense, he is just fed up with all this bullshit, what I can completely understand. stay safe cunts i have to go to the market for some skippy meat.sted
    • lolsted
    • The bullshit that exotic animals don’t help with boners and cancer, or the bullshit of ignoring the reality that this exotic animal economy is huge in China?Gnash
    • Lol. The belief that one acquires the properties of an animal that you consume, isn’t specific to China.Gnash
    • But if feeds a massive industry there.Gnash
    • @Khurram - I've lived throughout Latin America. That's a load of BS! Maybe just in Africa and the Orientalhotroddy
    • and in africa they poach lions, elephants, rhino's to export to CHINA black markethotroddy
    • To be fair, hotroddy. They drink a whole lotta bat blood in Bolivia.Gnash
    • i wouldn't put it past bolivia. it's poor and landlocked and primarily an indian populationhotroddy
    • Thanks for that anecdote hotroddy. But the point stands.Khurram

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