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  • BusterBoy7

    This pandemic has really outed some people as sheer and utter fuckwits...especially on my Facebook feed.

    My year level from high school reated a Facebook group about 6-7 years ago and it's been great for keeping in touch with old school friends.

    Except...the past month especially...fuck me there are some deadshits around. There's about half a dozen that have gone full conspiracy retard with the anti science BS that's being posted. The stories of fake numbers...empty hospitals, Bill Gates and Fauci are evil etc etc.

    Here's a tip...if you think all this stuff is real, KEEP IT TO YOUR FUCKING SELF. Why do people feel compelled to share their knowledge gained from scouring Reddit and spreading it as fact?

    Think I'll probably end up leaving this particular group...which is a shame because overall it's been really good. But this stuff is driving me insane.

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