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  • utopian10

    Lion, bat and pangolin off the menu as Chinese city of Wuhan bans consumption of wild animals…


    • yeah fuck Rick!moldero
    • fucker!moldero
    • rickety rick no bat soup for youutopian
    • Might as well ban the consumption of alien facehuggers and baby dinosaurs while at it, by the looks of those...grafician
    • Rick loves alien facehuggers and baby dinosaurs. They can't screw with Rick like that.capn_ron
    • rick is patient zerorenderedred
    • So that’s one city down...Gnash
    • how many cities sells that do you know?pango
    • Black market and normal markets will continue to sell them. It's just an headline for the mass media.Bennn
    • benn you sure about normal market?pango
    • i've actually lived in asia, and china particular. never have i ever seen a fucking pangolin or bat in any market.pango
    • and seriously been wondering which mother fucker's been eating them?!?!?!?!pango
    • Savagesi_was
    • Yes just a headline, they will continue.i_was
    • its the right direction to go. or would you rather prefer "fuck y'all! bats are now sold in every super market!"pango
    • "develope those immunity quicker! ass holes!"pango
    • Ya, probably was just one market in one city. Just lazy journalists making shit up for laughsGnash
    • How ignorant would someone have to be to buy and eat wild bats after this?yuekit
    • Still, wet market is one way a virus like this can spread. The bigger trend is humans cutting down forests, taking away habitat of bats and other animals.yuekit
    • It would be a mistake to think this could only happen via animal markets or only in China. The same coronavirus carrying bats exist all over the world includingyuekit
    • in North America.yuekit
    • Bats and Pangolins are our allies, they'll fight for us.i_was
    • yes dolphins are the real enemy. fuck em.pango
    • @pango Just ask for (insert name) at the back, he will hook you up with what you want.... .... Know what I mean?Bennn
    • again. you can still buy cocaine, should it be legal then?! what about gun control? fuck it! nothing is working!pango

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