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  • Maaku1

    @Lanbolton, how are you feeling?

    I myself feel a little tired, have been coughing a little (every now and then) since yesterday. My lungs did feel tight yesterday so I'm taking a break from weed. Could be allergies, it's pollen season, but you never know :-/

    Can't get tested unless you meet certain requirements.

    • Nothing to worry about unless you get a fever.monospaced
    • Same here but no fever. Kinda slightly out of breath when doing sports. More than I should but maybe just because of sitting home all day.NBQ00
    • AgreedMaaku
    • I feel like the stress causes me to notice a tightness in my chest that isn't really there.nb
    • Not sure what city y'all are in, but I wouldn't go near a testing site unless I thought I was at risk of dying. Testing sites are concentrated.nb
    • Exactly nbmonospaced
    • I'm in Dallas. We had testing sites over the weekend, about 900 people showed up but only close to 240 were tested.Maaku
    • The weather is nice and I still see people jogging outside, exercising, walking their dogs, etc, etc... There's been a shelter-in-place rule since Monday night.Maaku
    • Walking and exercising is allowed still.monospaced
    • ^ It's fair but I feel like some are abusing thatMaaku
    • Abusing it by jogging and walking? Are you literally not going outside ever?monospaced
    • ^ unless you want every city to be like NY, sure.Maaku
    • Not every city is like nyc. That’s the issue. If this was Dallas it might be different and your input might be relevant.monospaced

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