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    I would not pay much attention to number of cases, not every country is testing as much as the others, etc. Best indicator of the advance of the pandemic is deaths. Spain's curve has been worse than Italy, but we knew that since days ago. At least we are in lockdown for over a week already.

    • Italy is not growing exponentially anymore (deaths), Spain should hit peak in the next few days, lockdown effect should start making effect later onernexbcn
    • Exactly. Reported numbers aren’t close to the whole storymonospaced
    • The clock i'm looking at... it doesn't even look like China has updated in a few days. Meanwhile Italy and USA are set to overtake.MrAbominable
    • 2 weeks lockdown this sunday Ernesto, at least in BC. In Catalonia the thing is going nuts this now... Stay at home!!OBBTKN
    • Como va en Barcelona? Madrid está muy triste.Chimp

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