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    UK offering support for self-employed - including artists, etc.…

    "Self-employed workers will be able to apply for a grant of up to £2,500 a month to help them cope with the financial impact of coronavirus, the chancellor has announced."

    • no reason why this can't be an ongoing thing to support the arts._niko
    • Average monthly profits. Not income.monoboy
    • And it's taxed.monoboy
    • Could be wrong but Net or Gross profit makes a huge difference.monoboy
    • Also based on past 3 years. As sky news showed, a guy quit job after 20 years to open hair salon, just a couple months ago, now closed, in debt - screwed....shapesalad
    • If your earnings and drawings are high, not for tax purposes but because everything is fucking expensive if you're under 40...monoboy
    • You won't have much profit left in the business. So you'll get fuck all.monoboy
    • But if you're already wealthy and able to accumulate profit in the business with less drawings, then you're quids in.monoboy
    • It's classic Tory. Give to the rich, fuck those that need it most.

      If I've understood the measure correctly. Still trying to find definitive details.
    • It checks out. Unless you're profitable over the three-year average, you get fuck all. Nothing. Zilch.monoboy
    • So if your turnover is good, but your drawings and expenses are high and you struggle to keep profit in your business.monoboy
    • Tough shit. Go eat a turd. HMRC.monoboy

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