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  • aslip3

    Feeling for all you who live in urban areas now. I'm sure the confinement is a lot harder living in an apartment in the city.

    • Ditto; I'm in the country of Ontario, Canada nestled in the Niagara Escarpment and all remains largely unchanged...

      ....NOT missing my Toronto apartment.
    • After not using public transport, I had to take four buses today, to go pick up an Important Package I didn't receive. Not happy. Two hours exposed to .. eugh.Nairn
    • Isn't a bus public transport as well?SimonFFM
    • yes. i've not been taking public transport, including buses, for a few weeks now.Nairn
    • That's why he prefaced it by saying:
      'After not using public transport,'.
    • It's not easy.monospaced

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