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  • Khurram1

    ah fuck, second wave about to hit Japan. Tokyo preparing for lockdown. Got out of that city just in time but won't be long before it washes over Kyoto, Osaka; time to think about home.

    • Are they letting tourists stay?yuekit
    • Well they can't kick me out, i got a 3 month visa. How they gonna kick us out? But Tokyo is about to go lockdown, and supermarket shelves are emptyingKhurram
    • Arrived in Kyoto today and shocked how its teaming with people. Subway packed out with commuters, everything open like they think nothing can go wrong...Khurram
    • Be careful, many countries a couple of weeks ago cancelled tourist visas before their respective lockdowns. Keep your eye on this.Continuity
    • *gulp*Khurram
    • Would they really cancel existing visas or just stop issuing new ones?yuekit
    • You travelling on which passport? CA or UK? If on the CA, just register your trip:…
      I get regular mails about local
    • ... advisories in Germany.Continuity
    • damnmoldero
    • Straight up, feeling cast adrift, lost. Canada is my home, England is my country. My flight to Canada has been cancelled, because i'm a resident not a citizenKhurram
    • Will be spending some more unplanned time up north, in England. 2 months, almost 3, was a good run. Whole thing's been surreal dodging lockdowns and entry bans.Khurram
    • They should just let everyone stay where they are IMO. Some countries are doing this and offering extra visa extension, not sure about Japan.yuekit
    • That's the way it goes, I'm afraid. If I was abroad right now, Germany would never repatriate me, despite having lived here for 8 years; I'm not a citizen.Continuity
    • Honestly, I got out of the Philppines by the skin of my teeth. Total lockdown the day after I left for Japan. I have a friend trapped on a shithole islandKhurram
    • No way to get off the island. They shutdown everything - surfing, gyms, beaches, restaurants, bars, police checks everywhere - dire internet (1mbs at best).Khurram
    • Electricity blackouts every week so they can build some stupid bridge while hospitals and people are without electricity/running water/communicationsKhurram
    • She's in touch with the British embassy to try and get her out of there, but it's so bad in these places. My mum's in Pakistan. Same situation.Khurram
    • To live through something like this, I've had to rethink everything, my future, my plans, my expectations for the year. Where i'll be, what i'll be doing.Khurram
    • Go to the Azores!shapesalad
    • Kuz is Patient Zero for the Asian Second Wave SARS2 Pandemic?Nairn

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