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  • SimonFFM3

    All the statistics must be so wrong. As if there were nationwide tests anywhere. And even if these would happen it would just be a momentum. So, it's basically impossible.

    I wonder if I had Corona already beginning of January. It's impossible to find out now. But if I had it, it would also mean, it was in Germany much earlier than 'they' think.

    P.S. Baked my first bread today.
    P.P.S. I mastered window cleaning and won't need to hire a company for that anymore (I have 26 windows here).

    • P.P.P.S.: Did you finally manage to get some Klopapier?Continuity
    • Yes this is where there is a big failing of the media. The numbers in all countries are all completely wrong.yuekit
    • @Continuity: Will try again tomorrow. I still have 8 roles (for my wife and me). Will last for a few weeks. So, there's no rush.SimonFFM
    • the numbers never were considered tuan
    • to be‘s a sample. real numbers are considered 10x/20x higher.uan

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