Switch to Natural Deoderant?

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  • zarkonite0

    I had this procedure done: https://www.miradry.com/

    It microwaves the sweat glands away and you're done sweating forever! It kills about 90% of your sweat glands, in high stress moments I might get a tiiiiny bit of sweat but that's it. I thought of how much antiperspirant I'd wear over a lifetime + no more sweat stains and I figured it was a good investment.

    • holy shitnb
    • watNairn
    • Starts with "C", and ends with "R"OBBTKN
    • Just amputate.
      No armpits, no problem.
    • Strange and futuristic. Humans have made underarm sweat glands obsolete. Take THAT nature!ideaist
    • microwaves armpits, yet people worried about 5g causing tumours....shapesalad
    • Right, so when your body heats up significantly and internal organs need rapid sweating to cool, who ya gonna call?BustySaintClaire
    • ^^ it's not a whole body procedure =)zarkonite
    • very very very very very very very very strangepedromendez
    • wtf?renderedred
    • zark I realize that, but 2 pits are a major & efficient source of heat dissipation. There are ways to manage the cosmetics without removing the cooling systemBustySaintClaire
    • I don't know what you base your opinion on but the arm pits just don't play a major role in cooling the body.zarkonite
    • Strange, these notes are...ideaist
    • Stupid idea, for idiots with nothing to do 5 years for now they will be developing other problems...Salarrue
    • ha @deadsperm !!!canoe
    • @zark do you excessively sweat from your armpits?dorf
    • @dorf used to ;)zarkonite
    • Even if it's safe it's still stupid.
      Live your truth.
    • Deodorant is not " natural" minds blowndeathboy
    • Actually if u want to use it switch frequently because your body will build a response to overcome it over timedeathboy
    • I couldn’t close the doormisterhow

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