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    I know I'm getting ahead of myself here but I'm definitely going to suggest we get rid of the open-office concept moving forward.

    • loll my company is building a new office, we're moving in end of the year... and its all openBennn
    • Companies are idiotsnb
    • There is research showing that the open office concept is less efficient and less productive than closed offices.nb
    • Yet, no company I know of is listening to that research because the bias is toward short-term dollar amounts, not actual efficiency of output.nb
    • Just get rid of offices in generalyuekit
    • Never going to an office again, that's for sure! Either remote or gtfografician
    • exactly, open office take less floor space = renting cheaperBennn
    • Amenmonospaced
    • I like open offices.inteliboy

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