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  • autoflavour21

    • Someone here is going to go ballistic after reading this.utopian
    • The QBN communists and socialists would love this, of course. ;) lolzNBQ00
    • lol idiot.sted
    • i love it.neverscared
    • haha, great.i_was
    • why not at $9m?shapesalad
    • why not...
      <looks at bank balance>
      - £121.45?
    • make sense, how can anyone need more than this?Bennn
    • Love it. Also love that the people who hate it think they’ll ever get remotely close to being a billionaire. Someday! Work hard!ben_
    • if this outbreak has proved anything its that most people don't understand exponential growth, the economy and large numberskingsteven
    • $70b goes to school every year Commi. More money to schools to breed more utopians, no thank you.Hayoth
    • Hayoth prefers the populace to be as ignorant, uneducated and stupidly inept as he and his conservative folk are.monospaced
    • Can’t feel stupid if everyone around you is also stupid right? Makes it easy to call educated people commies when you don’t even know what the word even means.monospaced
    • https://www.ucb.ac.u…Nairn
    • So the engineers who build jet planes, luxury yaughts, luxury homes, etc etc will lose their jobs. Smart!hotroddy
    • Yep, 70b to American schools only to end up with dumbfucks like Hayoth. Clearly an underfunded system. No Hayoth left behind!ben_
    • As usual, the devil is in the detail. You do know that billionaires don't have that money sitting in a bank account don't you? You do understand that the if...Morning_star
    • ...you're going to redistribute the wealth you'll have to liquidate assets which means businesses will close and the 'people' will be unemployed.Morning_star
    • haha fuck me, engineers that build luxury yaughts. literally cant spell yachts and defending billionaire statuskingsteven
    • Yeah ms, the original post is hyperbolic but hey... status quo is working out great, isn’t it?ben_
    • @ben_ no it's not great and there is a truth to the inability of Capitalism to step up during a large crisis. Which is why a mixture of socialism...Morning_star
    • ...and capitalism offers the best solution. Those who are promoting a return to communism are just as retarded as those who think that capitalism is the only...Morning_star
    • ...solution.Morning_star
    • Might work if there were also effective disincentives for lower part of the scale. Ceilings work best over floors.BustySaintClaire
    • the cellar dweller has spokenutopian
    • Engineers need to stop designing super yachts and fix the roads and bridges. Lol, just kidding I love yachts and Ralph gear.PhanLo
    • kingsteven, what's worse? misspelling yachts or using 'literally' incorrectly?hotroddy
    • Skimming the wealth of a few people to benefit the many isn't communism. You'd still be free to make an infinite amount of money.ben_
    • I'd never suggest communism as a solution to anything, so I agree with something in the middle. Right now, the super wealthy run amok and we rely solely onben_
    • their morals, whatever that gets us. fuck all for the most part.ben_
    • I would just give every $999+ to my next kid on paper. problem solved. (thats why i loled)sted
    • @hotroddy. "He literally cant spell yachts" is the correct use of literally you dotekingsteven
    • maybe if you're a 16 year old teenage girl, figuratively speaking of course!hotroddy
    • haha, Oh dear, way to shoot yourself in the foot, notsohotroddy.Nairn
    • ^ haha i just saw his response. wowkingsteven

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