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    "COVID-19 is going to hit us hard, extremely hard. Mark these words"
    Monday, March 23
    35,000 reported cases in the USA.

    • If you use that model doing the rounds on medium, a multiple of x10 is closer.monoboy
    • Some also predicted it will infect 80% of any population that's slow to self-isolate.monoboy
    • But I suggest we stop obsessing over the numbers and think more about what we can do to mitigate it all.monoboy
    • My concern with America is that you have a divided nation drunk on conspiracy theories and armed to the teeth.monoboy
    • (*mitigate it personally that is)monoboy
    • Your news networks seriously need to start putting health experts on TV and silencing the political stuff.monoboy
    • Bipartisan, facts only.monoboy
    • Trump is dangerously stupid.monoboy
    • I have no idea what you're on about.
      The point I was trying to make is that it's useless to announce that "prediction" at this time.
    • We're in agreement.monoboy
    • A statement and a prediction are two entirely different things spermhead.MarleyMarl
    • Learn your tenses, get hooked on phonics.
      Mark deez words.
    • Total deaths so far today 128,000PhanLo

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